Free social sharing extension available for your Magento website to allow your users to share your products and deals on their preferred social networks. You can also customized this extension under plugin dashboard.

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            1. Login to Magento Website Admin Panel.
            2. Navigate to System->Magento Connect-> Magento Connect Manager.Login again, if asked for.magento social sharing
            3. Under “Install New Extensions” section paste the key in “Paste extension key to install:” field and click Install.magento social sharing_1
            4. If you are using .tgz file for installing the module then Under “Direct Package File Upload” section, hit “Choose file”. Locate the tgz file provided by Social9 and hit Upload.magento social sharing_2


            Configuration Steps

            1. Navigate to System > Configuration.
               magento social sharing_3
            2. Configure the settings in “Simplified Social Share” page under “Social9” section in the left pan.magento social sharing_4

              Note: If you have 404 error after navigating to Simplified Social Share page, just log out from Magento admin and login again.

            3. Click Save Config


            To enable widgets follow the below mentioned steps:

            Social Sharing Widget Instance

            If want to show Social Sharing interface on multiple pages and don’t want to edit each page individually, then you can add a widget instance.

            1. Navigate to the Widgets area under the “CMS” section in admin panel and click “Add new widget instance”.magento social sharing_5
            2. Now select “Social Sharing – Horizontal” or “Social Sharing – Vertical” in type. Select a design/package theme and click “Continue”.

            3. Widget for Horizontal Social Sharing – “Social9- Horizontal Sharing”

              Note:(Requires “Enable Horizontal Social Sharing” switch on under Magento Admin Panel>System>Configuration>Simplified Social Share>Horizontal Social Sharing Tab)

            4. Widget for Vertical Social Sharing – “Social9- Vertical Sharing”
              Note:(Requires “Enable Vertical Social Sharing” switch on under Magento Admin Panel>System>Configuration>Simplified Social Share>Vertical Social Sharing Tab)

            5. Give this widget a title ( for example – Social Share). This won’t display on the page, but serves as unique identifier. Leave the sort order field unless you are going to use this widget in a space having multiple blocks of different sort orders.

            6. Now click on “Add Layout Update” and select which place you want to add this widget instance. Finally click “Save”. 
              magento social sharing_6

            Embedding Social Sharing in CMS Content Pages(Individually)

            1. Navigate to the Pages area located under the CMS section of the Admin navigationmagento social sharing_7
            2. After this, navigate to the page you want to place Social Sharing. Click on “Content” tab on the left bar. Place cursor where you want to place social sharing and click on “Insert Widget” icon.
              magento social sharing_8

            3. Select “”Social Sharing – Horizontal” or “Social Sharing – Vertical” as widget type and enter the text you want to display before Social Sharing interface.
              magento social sharing_9

            4. Click “Insert widget” and “Save” Page. Now you can see the selected widget on that page.magento social sharing_10 magento social sharing_11


            How to uninstall the extension?

            Remove/Delete the following files/folders from your Magento root folder:

            1. app/code/community/Social9
            2. app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/sociallogin.xml
            3. app/design/adminhtml/default/default/layout/Social9_sociallogin.xml
            4. app/design/frontend/base/default/template/sociallogin
            5. app/etc/modules/Social9_Sociallogin.xml
            6. skin/adminhtml/default/default/Social9
            Updated: 04 Apr 2017 08:52 PM
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