Adding Social sharing buttons to your Tumblr site is now super easy. Simply follow the instruction below, add the code to your site and your blog is all set to get traffic social media traffic is minutes!

            1. Go to social9.com.
            2. Choose Your Web Technology as Other.
            3. Here you will find the option to configure sharing theme and sharing providers.
            4. Once you have configured the sharing options, You will be able to see code in right side panel which needs to be inserted into your Tumblr site


            1. Click here to log in to your Customize Tumblr Page. You will see your blog preview load.
            2. Click on Edit Apperance as shown below.
               tumblr Social Share
            3. Click on Edit theme and wait for a while to load the page. Click on edit HTML button at top left
               tumblr social share 1
            4. Add the Script code just above </body> as below. It’s usually at the end of the code. tumblr social share script
            5. Now, Add the code (the Div tag) provided in above steps as per your choice where you want the sharing interface to be shown on the page. We would suggest to add the code right after {/block:Title} (This will show the social sharing interface right after the post title) and right before {block:Posts} (This will show the social sharing interface at the end of the post). You can add the code after other tags like {/block:Caption}{/block:Video}{block:RebloggedFrom) and many more too as per your requirements.
               tumblr social share div
            6. Social Sharing customization is complete at your Tumblr blog. Click on “Update Preview” button for preview  or “Save” button on the top right to save the settings. Social9 Social Sharing interface will now be shown at your Blog as per location where you added the Code in Step 4.
            Updated: 04 Apr 2017 08:45 PM
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