Get free wordpress social share plugin to enable social media sharing buttons on all of your wordpress sites. This Plugin supports wordpress multisite and supports more than 50 social networks like Facebook, Google +, Twitter and a lot more.

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            Installation Guide

            1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
            2. Navigate to Plugins section in the left sidebar, and click “Add New“. 

            3. In the search box type “Social9“. Link to the plugin here Wordpress-Social-Sharing-social9
            4. Click “Install Now” below “Simplified Social Sharing” in the list.
            5. Click “Activate Plugin” after successful installation. Now, proceed with configuring your plugin! lr-social-sharing-activate


            1. To configure the plugin, click on Social Sharing on left menu in your WordPress admin panel. lr-social-sharing-menu

            Social Sharing Widgets


            To enable widgets follow the below mentioned steps:

            1. Login to your website admin panel.
            2. Navigate to Appearance > Widgets section in left sidebar
            3. Drag required widget from the Available Widgets section to the area where you want to show the interface.

            – Widget for Horizontal Social Sharing – Social9 Horizontal Sharing

            Note: Requires “Enable Horizontal Widget” options to be set to On

            – Widget for Vertical Social Sharing – Social9 Vertical Sharing

            Note: Requires “Enable Vertical Widget” options to be set to On

            Note: Social Sharing interfaces selected in the Horizontal and Vertical sections of “Social Sharing Theme Selection” section, will be displayed 

            as Horizontal and Vertical Social Sharing widgets, respectively.

            Shortcode Help

            You can enable social login and sharing anywhere in your website page/post content using shortcodes. Just place following shortcodes where you want to show a sharing widget.


            Shortcode for Social Sharing –


            To specify CSS styles for interface, you can use “style” parameter (as used in HTML) as mentioned in following example:

            [Social9_Share] You can choose sharing theme by specifying “type” parameter (takes two values – ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’) as mentioned in following example: 

            lr-social-sharing-horizontal OR lr-social-sharing-vertical

            These shortcodes allow you to include inline styling options by passing the style parameter to create inline styling on the sharing widget.

            lr-social-sharing-horizontal-styled lr-social-sharing-vertical-styled
            1. If you are not specifying “type” parameter in the Shortcode, it will show the default horizontal interface.
            2. To use horizontal sharing widget using shortcode” Enable Horizontal Widget” option should be set to “On”.
            3. To use Vertical sharing widget using shortcode” Enable Vertical Widget” option should be set to “On”.

            How To Implement it With WP Multisite?

            1. After creating a multisite network, navigate to My Sites > Network Admin > Dashboard at the top bar in the WordPress admin panel.
            2. Navigate to Plugins on the left sidebar.
            3. Click on “Add New” and install Social9 WordPress plugin.
            4. Click on “Network Activate” under “Social Login for WordPress”.

            How To Uninstall The Plugin?

            1. Login to your website admin panel.
            2. Navigate to Plugins section in left sidebar
            3. Click “Deactivate” , then Delete below the plugin you want to uninstall.

            Note: For removing the plugin manually, navigate to “wp-content/plugins/” folder in your WordPress installation folder and delete “simplified-social-sharing” folder.

            Manual Installation of the Plugin (not recommended)

            1. Download the Social9 WordPress Sharing Plugin
            2. Go to your WordPress admin panel and log in.
            3. Upload the extracted folder to your plugins directory (wp-content/plugins/) or navigate to PluginsAdd New > Upload > Browse and install the zip file.
            4. Click on Plugins and you’ll see Simplified Social Sharing. Activate the plugin by clicking onActivate. Now, proceed with configuring the plugin.

            Other Resources

            Pre-Build Sharing Interfaces

            Utilize our generated HTML and scripts to place your own sharing interfaces separate from WordPress plugins. Navigate here, select other and build a generated interface to place as desired on a site or within a theme

            Meta Tags

            Ever wonder why the correct image is not showing when using a sharing plugin or widget? Maybe the description is not populating properly? Use this helpful resource to learn more about meta tags and what you’ll need to set up for sharing.

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